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2012 Reunion

2011 Reunion

Dear First Cousins:

Thanks for all the volunteers over the years who have done so much to keep our family reunion going, especially Roy, for all his work in providing the location, Brad Hafen, for providing the hamburgers and hot dogs, and the Mike Moss family for doing the potatoes. As of this past reunion we have decided to handle things a little differently.

Doug Mc Arthur along with the rest of his family did a great job handling everything on their own this last year and our thanks goes out to them. We have come to realize that handling the reunion can be a quite hardship, financially and organizationally, especially on the smaller families involved in our reunion. The person in charge will be responsible for the games on Saturday and conducting prayers and Sunday service, setting up tables and chairs, plus notification, which I think can be done mainly through emails or possibly facebook, to spare the expense of having to do a mailer. They would also need to contact and remind those who have signed up to bring things.

We sent a list around asking the cousins to sign up to bring specific items every year to the reunion. SignUpList links to a listing of those who signed up.

IF YOU HAVEN'T SIGNED UP FOR ANYTHING PLEASE EMAIL ME BACK AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WOULD PREFER TO DO AS EVERYONE NEEDS TO HELP TO KEEP THIS GOING. Depending on the response I may need to assign you to something different, but I will check with you before making it final.

I would also like to see us do a silent auction on the first day to raise money for the porta-potties. Everyone attending should bring an item (preferably home made, but not necessarily), or if you prefer, every family attending could donate a couple of dollars (it's fairly expensive to rent these).

I have lost my rotation list of those families in charge of the reunion, so if someone has that please email it to me. I do know that Arlo's family was next. We will go through that rotation using the first born of each family (except for Doug who did it all this last time). So Rick this next one is up to you.

If I have forgotten anything, which in my case is highly probable, let me know. If you have additional email addresses (for siblings or other cousins) to add to the above list please send them to me.

Thanks everyone for all you do. This is a wonderful tradition and there are a lot us who really want to see it kept going.

Vickie Kessler Knecht (Melba's daughter)

2010 Reunion

2009 Reunion was wonderful:

  • See http://www.walden3d.com/photos/reunions/090905-06_Hafen_Reunion for a few photos and movies from 2009 at Pinto.
  • There was concern about the New Harmony forest fire by some, and it was not too close (Click here for a map of the fire extent).
  • (click on image to expand):
  • Click on Pedigree Charts in left sidebar, or specifically Click Here to access a new approach for sharing family relationships.
    • Note that if you mail digital photos of your family members to rnelson@walden3d.com, they will be added to The Brain displays.
  • Note there are three examples of Family Histories scanned in 2005 on the Pedigree Charts Main Page.
    • A cleaner approach to capturing Family Histories is to put the actual text in TWiki pages, then the text can be searched.
  • Note this site still has problems with the WISIWIG Editor, so if you register and update these pages only use the Raw Edit option at the bottom of each page.


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Thanks, Santa Clara Ut Hafens 07 Feb 2009

Introduction to Site

This is a Twiki site, using similar technology to the on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia. Anyone who accesses this site can browse available information like anyplace else on the web. In addition, you can add data and edit pages, improving the value of the information for others. The objective is to create an on-line forum to enable easy documentation and review of all genealogical information for ancestors of AdolfHafen and his wife NellieRosettaAtkin. Note the spaces are taken out of each ancestor's name, which creates a Twiki, this is automatically linked to the relevant page.

In some ways this site is still experimental. For instance, if you attempt to edit this page, the display is in an html format where each set of words is separated by % signs. However, if you are comfortable working with raw html, you can edit this page using the "raw edit" option. Once you register and create a new page, you should be able to use the standard edit function on the pages you create. Please pass back problems you encounter, and we will work to fix them. Also, there are two "webs" or folders set up for this Twiki: (1) Main, for storing documentation and personal histories for each ancestor; and (2) PedigreeCharts, for a PedigreeChart index. For those who wish to expand the documentation and PedigreeCharts to their spouses side of the family, it is recommended not to create many "webs," rather simply add and link in your information under these directories.

This on-line forum encourages:

  1. a self-organizing research focus (who is working on which pedigree line);
  2. a means to communicate with others who are working on related genealogy roadblocks (semi-automatic notification of new breakthroughs, leveraging the fact everybody is smarter than anybody);
  3. a place to capture stories (personal histories can be uploaded and downloaded);
  4. a place to capture photos (libraries of photos can document events, and genealogical facts);and
  5. a place to capture the essence of the lives of our loved ones and our ancestors (histories, memories, photos, everything digital).

Over the coming weeks we will develop templates which can be used to create a new personal history page for each individual (anyone who wants to help jump in). These pages can be used to link digital photos of birth certificates, marriage and other certificates, death certificates, tombstones, etc. Related presentations (like the introduction to the PedigreeResourceFile) and scans of personal histories will be stored at http://www.walden3d.com/hafen and linked to the Twiki pages. Photographs of FamilyReunions will be stored at http://www.walden3d.com/photos/reunions and linked to the Twiki pages. Those who want to link their blogs to the Twiki can do so at FamilyBlogs. Because there is semi-confidential work information in RoiceNelson 's blog, which was started in September of 1996, and to keep the search engines from finding these pages, the link to this blog will be made available to family members who send an e-mail to rnelson@walden3d.com and request access. The idea is that these pages will form an extensible documentation forum within which to add proof for each entry in the PedigreeResourceFile.

Other Genealogy Twiki sites hosted by Walden 3-D, Inc. are:
* http://baird.walden3d.com AndreaShirts? Nelson's mother's family;
* http://nelson.walden3d.com HowardRoiceNelsonJr? 's maternal Grandfather's family;
* http://nielson.walden3d.com HeatherNielson? , AudreyNielson? Waldron, RachelNielson? , and MatthewCharlesNielson? 's father's family;
* http://sharp.walden3d.com HowardRoiceNelson3? , BenjaminBengtNelson? , PaulFrederickNelson? , MelanieRobbynNelson? Wright, SaraEllynNelson? , and RobertLlewellynNelson? 's paternal Grandfather's family; and
* http://shirts.walden3d.com AndreaShirts? ? Nelson's father's family.

Since everyone is smarter than anyone, hopefully these pages to quickly evolve to become a very useful tool.

Welcome to these Twiki pages. Have fun and contribute.

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